Stacy Abrams Watch Party - Count Every Vote!
Friday, November 09, 2018
By Tiffany McDonald Powell
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On Tuesday November 6, 2018 I was blessed to be able to cover the watch party hosted for Stacy Abrams for Governor campaign at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  A heavy media presence and lots of loyal supporters gathered in the Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday November 6, 2018.  The crowd was upbeat and festive as they mingled throughout the evening.  As a string of community members, politicians and entertainers took to the stage the message was the same.  They believed Stacy Abrams to be the right person to lead Georgia forward.  As the numbers in the crowd continued to grow many stories of voter long lines and subtle (and not so subtle) acts of voter suppression were shared.  Inaccessible voting booths, inadequate numbers of ballots, long lines and hefty wait times did not deter them.  Every vote matters all the time and this election was no different.  Periodically the overall tone of the crowd was a bit subdued perhaps considering the gravity of the situation.  With rampant acts of voter suppression impacting an election seemingly rigged from the start, the other candidate concurrently running against her for the position of governor AND presiding over the elections to insure their integrity Stacey Abrams addressed the crowd with a quite grace and appropriate dose of fierceness required of any Black Woman brave enough to throw their hat into this political arena.  With the future of the State of Georgia and in many peoples perceptions the County, hanging in the balance a quiet optimism permeated the room.  The belief in Stacy Abrams and what she represents united the room.  Standing in her purpose, declaring that all votes matter, and insisting that each and every ballot be counted Stacy Abrams has  planted a seed.  Her steadfastness and determination will forever stand as a testament to the will and the power of the people.  





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