Monday, August 28, 2017
By Tiffany Powell
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When my friend Lisa from POP Photography in Montgomery Alabama invited me to come and meet her in Birmingham at Sloss Furnaces to photograph some of her 2017 Models I was excited to work with her team on this fun urban grunge themed shoot.  We had originally discussed collaborating with both of our senior model teams but when I decided to re-vamp my Senior Model program this year and did not have my own model team,  I was kinda bummed to miss out on such a fun shoot.  She graciously said come anyway it will be fun.  It all started with a Pinterest Board, like almost all of our themed or concept shoots do but when I saw the execution of this by her team I was impressed.  Stylist and MUA extraordinaire Derricius Chambers did a magnificent job perfectly styling this fringe look with the grungy environment of Sloss Furnaces.  And Stephanie Savoie also did a great job with the hair and makeup.  Lisa and I first met as Members of We are the SEEN and have continued our friendship as members of Seniors Ignite.  I look forward to collaborating with her and her partner Darren on more photoshoots this year.  The industrial environment at Sloss was a great location and worth the drive.  Her models were so fun to work with and as always I enjoyed getting to know them a bit and learning about their plans for next year.  Lisa said the vibe was grunge meets rock chick.  I think this was executed magnificently. Mikayla, Bonnie, Savannah and Lauren were great to work with and owned every moment in front of the camera.


I love concept shoots because they allow me to stretch more creatively.  The dark and edgy mood of this shoot was fun to create and the angles and textures of Sloss Furnaces were the perfect backdrop.  I'm excited to re-introduce my Senior Model Program for Class of 2018.  This newer and better version of my already fun program will allow for more collaborations like this one and has even incorporated some destination sessions and more concept shoots.  Tiffany Powell Senior Model Squad members will also be able to enter a national model competition and winners will have an opportunity to travel to Palm Springs California to be photographed by some of the most innovative and creative senior photographers in the industry.

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